Changes for the Nationals
Look for 250 smokers in the 250F class, and the minimum age is going to be bumped up.
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Sweet finally privateers will be able to have a bike fast enough to compete at the national without dumping 5-10 thousand dollars into a 250f to try to keep up with factory teams. We might actually get to hear a two stroke hammering the whoops at a national again. That is of course if you can even hear the thing over the loud ass four stokes.
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Thats great news.
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Now all the AMA needs to do is convince the OEM's to start making them again.

No privateer is going to ride a 3 year old 2 stroke machine that you can't use for contingency.

Yes, I know Yamaha and KTM are currently making 2 strokes, but they do not have much for contingency.
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