Stewarts mechanic.
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Courtesy JGRMX:
It is with sorrow and regret that we learned Mark “Tex” Adams was killed while trying to help a stranded motorist yesterday morning, January 26th, 2012. Apparently a vehicle drifted over and hit Mark as he was trying to assist the driver of a car that had run out of gas on his way to work as James Stewart’s personal tuner in Florida. Tex was an original member of the JGRMX team, and since has worked with Travis Pastrana and The Nitro Circus, built award winning custom choppers, and most recently as mentioned above worked as James Stewart’s in-house mechanic. His talent, versatility, work ethic and friendship will be sorely missed.
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Sad deal that guy was awesome. And an amazing talent.

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Did I hear right in that the driver that killed him was texting on the phone? If so I hope they go to prison for a long time.
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Coming into Colville this morning I saw a semi truck driver driving with his forearms on the wheel... texting.
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One of Storme's little bmx buddies was killed by someone texting and driving. So dangerous...
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