Almost every mx school I have ever taken the guy takes your money with a big group of kids does the school and If you happen to do his/her school again they might remember and they might not. Eric is different, he's not there to just take your money, he knows that everybody is different and he teaches everybody a different way. He wants to know who you are and what your about, and he cares how you do after the class is over and in the future, as he always lends a helping hand, even when your not paying him. He has helped me with supercoss more than I could ever ask for. I hate jumps, I am scared to death of them, Eric knows what I need to do and what I am capable of. I was so scared and nervous the first day I rode supercross I threw up because Eric made me do things I didn't know( and I didn't want) I could do. But he knew. He is bar none the best mx teacher out there and is also one of my best friends over the short amount of time that I have known him. Although the first we met was in a corner at arena x where he left me on the ground! (HE'S GOT IT COMING TO HIM)

Thanks Eric

Jerry Lymburner
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little Waunchie is a great teacher. Because he gives the people his full attention, no matter what the circumstance, & is always there for any of his past students. He goes above & beyond in helping everyone.
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Wow...I'm scared to hell of jumps too...You know what Jerry...we just assume because you're a Pro that things don't scare you on the track..I mean, u guys all hit some pretty scary booters. From a novices point of view we wonder how u do it. That was a very nice note to EW by the way too. He's always been more than helpful to me as well, for different things.
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I don't know how many rider Eric helps, but at Monroe he is out there every single moto encouraging his riders. That's realy nice to see.
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Yes he is and always he's doing it because he wants his riders to succeed.
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Im not even his rider!!!!!.Eric has trained my 11 yearold son twice this year.One a day long class and one a practice session.I am a 41 year old racer that has been racing since april.Eric has pulled me over during practice,offered advice at the gate,held the gate and race up for me last weekend etc.etc. Even thou myself have never taken a class with him.The guy more then goes out of his way to help.My son last weekend fouled a spark plug in his new christmas present(kx85) and comes by and say's go get one from my van in the yellow tool box......Thanks again for everything you do..............scott

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