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Testimonial posting "Please read"
Please include a little information about your rider.
Bike Number

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Good topic, I wanted to put in a few good words as well for Eric and his classes. My son, Heath #49, has come a long way in his riding and racing. Two years ago Heath struggled to clear jumps and lacked confidence in different parts of the track. Eric did a great job of building Heaths confidence while teaching him correct body and riding position. His speed has increased, he is fluid over the jumps and overall a much improved rider. Went from beginner class last year to the Junior class this year and is posting top 10 finishes. Eric has also been a good friend to Heath and cares about all his riders that he instructs. Eric has an upbeat, can do personality. I love his passion for racing and life. Oh, also thanks Eric for letting me spend several evenings in your garage teaching me how to replace a clutch, piston etc in a bike..... Most of you probably did not know he runs a bike mechanic school in his garage as well.... Marc Hamblen
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I've heard EW seriously cares about his 'lings and if times were good I would at least give my son some class -cuz his Daddy aint got much!

I do know from personal experience that classes make a huge difference in riding and are a MUST for beginners...unless broken bones and a lot of quiet time sounds good.

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Brandon Schmitz
204 YZ85
Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Eric’s MX Schools have really helped Brandon Schmitz in his racing. 3 years ago Brandon started taking lessons from Eric. Eric has been great with seeing what Brandon could and couldn’t do. We started Brandon out on a big bike for his size. Brandon grew a little over the following years and still proceeds to take lessons from Eric. Last year racing season was a tough season, Brandon broke his ankle mid season and had to start over. I remember when Brandon took one of Eric’s classes shortly after he had gotten his cast off. The class was working on the jump where the crash had taken place. Eric never pushed Brandon to do the jump, but he knew that Brandon could do it. So after letting him know it was OK that he did not have to jump it. Brandon continued to watch the rest of the class jump the jump. Of course they had been jumping jumps much bigger then this one. It took about 10 minutes and Brandon started his bike and concord his fear. Eric has always made Brandon feel like he was important and has helped Brandon believe in his abilities. This season 2004 has started off great. All the time Eric has spent with Brandon is now paying off. He has a confidence in himself, but as a mother I am not sure I am ready for. He is jumping jumps he would have never jumped before. He now believes in his abilities. We just finished off a Spring Survivor Series at Airway Heights, Wash. There where 6 races during the series he brought home two 1st place, four 2nd place, two 3rd place, one 4th place, three 5th place. And he has taken a 1st place and a 4th place in the championship with the points he earned. And just last weekend he qualified for Loretta Lynn’s in the stock and modified 85cc 7-11 yrs. So next month we are on our way to Washougal for the regional qualifier.

I know that Brandon is the one who has to do the riding and has to want it bad enough to do it. But if it was not for Eric’s MX Schools and for Eric himself, Brandon would not be were he is now. Brandon thinks the world of Eric and he ranks right up there with his favorite rider (Ricky Carmichael).
YOU ROCK ERIC!!! Keep up the great job of helping young MXers learn to believe in themselves.

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My son is Hunter Evanson and his riding # is 131. He rides the 65mod and 85 thru 11 classes. Hunter got a bit of a late start, he was 6 1/2 when he gaot his first bike an xr50. Niether one of us knew what we were getting into. We went to a couple Eric's schools that first year and two years later went to Lorretta Lynns as the #1 Qualifier from the Northwest Region. I'm not willing to give Eric 100% cerdit for this, but I will give him alot of the credit. Eric is the best I have seen especially with the younger crowd, and I've seen and payed for the high dollar big name schools. You get twice the school for half the money with Eric. If you want your child to be competitive start with a couple classes the first year then a foloow-up or two every year. It was a good recipe for us it may work for you too.
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My riders are Kyle Sittman (#292) and Brock Sittman (#5). Kyle rides the 65cc class and the 85cc age class. Brock runs the 65cc class.

We went to an arena cross race 4 years ago, and the next day went bike shopping. It all exploded from there.

We have taken a few of E.W.'s classes on the 50cc, 65cc, and the 85cc. His work with Kyle has been phenominal. I will have to give myself and mom some credit for pushing the boys, and suppying the love needed for this sport. Eric will push the kids, but not beyond what he feels they can do. It is definately a great foundation.

Eric and Wes also take the time at races to help out the kids. It is not all about the class time. I think he is good with the kids because he is on their level (in many ways).

Thanks E.W. for everything! Braaaapp!

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These classes rock!!! Eric is great at keeping you focused and learning your strengths and weaknesses, if you want to be a better rider
listen and do what he says when he says it, the payoff is worth it. Thanks!!!
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