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Thank you!
Dear Riders and Families –

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone who posts to the “testimonials” section on the message board in regards to the motocross schools I teach. As you know, word of mouth is one of the most powerful advertising tools to make or break any company.

Your insight and comments help to reflect my mission statement of “building riders for the future” with a MAKE IT HAPPEN attitude. I truly believe your thoughts add credibility and value to the type of school I teach and, for that, I am deeply appreciative.

One of my continued commitments to you and your riders is holding classes at tracks deemed “environment worthy”. By that, I mean a healthy environment for learning. I do whatever it takes to hold classes at tracks where we are the “lone riders” to give us optimal use of the track. I also do whatever it takes to hold classes during “optimal weather” and would rather cancel than have a class held in a muddy, rainy, cruddy environment. This is not only a let down to me, but truly a waste of your time, money and resources.

To make sure we are maintaining the integrity of each class AND to ensure all learners have the same opportunities to learn, I will continue to hold “level specific” schools. I always have and always will hold level specific classes and firmly believe this provides the best learning environment, which is the most important thing to me.

Building riders for the future is, and always will be, my objective. To build a rider “for the moment” only lets one think he is “fast” … and while “fast” is important, a well-skilled, safe, diverse rider leads to better all around results. Once again, I truly appreciate your comments on the “testimonials” section.

Eric Waunch
EW MX Schools
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