Idahos Leighton Lillie Hurt
I read that Leighton Lillie broke his back at Tulso, Ok arenacross tonight and is in surgery with no feeling from the waist down. Say your prayers for this NW racer.
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We are all praying for Leighton... From what I have heard he is not having surgery tonight, his parents are on their way there and should be there tonight. Hopefully will know more tomorrow when he will have surgery.
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Leighton and His family is in our prayers
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Terrible news.

Jeremy Lusk the freestlye rider went down HARD as well. They're not sure if he's going to make it.

I wish both of them the best of luck.

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there was an article about leighton on cycle news.com he had no feeling from the chest down last night, and after doing a test they did last night with a needle on his foot he had reaction to it today so they are gonna do surgery on Tuesday and insert two rods to stabalize his T6 and T7 there was no spinal chore severage like they had first thought. he's got a long road ahead of him and needs all our prayers and support
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damnn that sucks!!
ill be praying
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Cycle News update:


Prayers sent my friend...
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