Practice 5/3
So we ended up going here saturday after washougal raining out again. I rode richland once mid march first time on the bike in 6 months.

I was digging the newer layout from this past weekend the change from that goofy triple to that fun step down to the double was WAY BETTER!

There is one section of the track I feel needs to be changed and it was like this last year too. The section by the road where you hit that table then there is a small mound and the right hander up to the ant hill.

I think this turn and section needs to be reworked. why? because it funnel's down into one line mid way out of the corner exit. The outside line and the inside line cross together because it's semi off chamber here and it pretty much just stays one line up the and over the ant hill.
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Picture of TRA-742
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Oh no don't change it that section has been exactly like that for only 4 years..lol
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