A Class Worth Taking

Thanks again for the class yesterday and for all your patience, skill and professionalism. I would recommend your classes to anyone.
All of my expectations were met and I learned what I wanted to accomplish for my first motocross class.
As a 57 year old rider and my first bike in 35 years, I wanted to be able to get started right.
Your demonstrations and individualized monitoring during class of the correct techniques to practice is just what I was looking for to keep from developing any bad habits and to stay safe. I am anxious to practice what I learned yesterday and look forward to taking additional classes from you.
Stay well.

My Best,

Sid Swartz
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Sid couldnt have said it better. I just took Eric's Beginner class and had a blast. He took us through the basics and "drilled" into us the Attack Position so many times that I'll never forget. We did small bumps, then medium tables, and finally a double. It was great and gave me added confidence to do my first moto in 35 yrs. I am 52 now and, like Sid, I've just gotten back into the sport and can't wait to do the next race.

Eric was a great teacher and spent individual time with us. I'd recommend the class to anyone that wants to improve their skills and become a better rider. Thanks Eric - you cut years of trial and error riding off my learning curve.

Kevin McKernan
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My 13 year old daughter just took Eric's entry level class at Horn Rapids. Man was it great for building her confidence and getting her to overcome personal barriers that I couldn't help her with. Big Grin

Eric got her, and the class, to do the basics, proper technique, body positioning, starts and a lot of entry level jumps on a tabletop. She had a ball and I am so glad Eric was able to do this for us. He is a great teacher and a great guy to boot.

I'd recommend him to anyone and especially those who are starting out as those are the classes I've seen and taken myself.

Eric even got my daughter to get off her slightly too small TTR125 and onto my 250F, which is something I couldn't get her to try. Not only did he make her feel comfortable, she road the entire track on the big bike and loved it! Now she wants a trade-up.

All in all, Eric's classes are worth your time, money and effort. You'll be better off after his class than before. Try it.

Kevin McKernan
Nicole McKernan
Sammamish, WA
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Eric you rock. I raced for the first time in like 4 years. I used the pointers you gave me at the last school I did on my starts and I got great starts nearly every moto.

thanks a ton

Josh Mylnar
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