PA Holloween
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Last weekend on Sat the weather was awesome. Sun almost the whole day...Sunday was a bit wet with scattered showers but the track held up very well. jake Anstet showed up on a brand new KTM 250F with great news that a company out of Oregon is going to sponsor him in the Supercross. Go JAKE! PS He looked like he adapted to the bike right away. If you are looking to race, the last weekend of this month will be the last Washington State series and the fall series races at OPMC... as well as a goole ride at half time (your best costume...No capes) for fun prizes as well as prizes for decorating your campsite in your Holloween best.
hope to see ya there...remember PA only recieves 11 inches on average of rain a year, so if it is raining at your house it is most likely not at PA..
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aint that the truth. my parents live across the street. never fails to be raining in everett and its just cloudy there
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Holy mud race this weekend but what the hell it was still a good weekend aside from me riding like complete crap. Got to see my daughter and her friends just getting after it and had a few good battles during their motos and all going down but getting back up and riding hard to the end.
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Yes, a great weekend! There had to be 25 families that took part in that killer potluck dinner!
Great costumes and the most trick-or-treaters that I've seen in years. It was awesome to see four girls in the 85 girls class and over
20 85's racing at once in the age group gate!
Add some fireball and beer and it made for one of the best racing weekends in a long time!!

Thanks to all that made it happen!
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