MTA World Vet race
I always wanted to do the White Bro's race but never had the time,so this year things fell in place. After a few weeks of rain up this way the thoughts of a dry GH tracl seemed awsom!
Problem is that it rains in SoCal also and really hard at times. Thursday the track stopped practice at 2 so they could prep the track for the big weekend. Track prep included ripping the track deep so it would be nice and rough for the race. Friday it poured all day long which makes mini flash floods on this hillside track.
Sat. I watched as crew worked very hard to make a "good" track for us to race on. Moto 6 came around (mine) and as I sat on the starting line I saw tallented riders(40EX) having a hard time getting up the hill to turn one.
Gate drops and off we go, kinda sorta. We get around turn one and at turn two I see some bikes with riders missing already. Easy to change game plan for me. Go up and over big hill and simply watch the race. See Jody from MXA and others struggle in almost every corner and on some of the straights very fun to watch .
Great race to go to. Very well run,LOTS of guys from the 70-90"s racing with a lot of riders from all over the world,Germany,South Africa,along with tons of Canada guys make it a good race to go to. For me I would have to be a much better rider to enjoy the track we had due to weather,maybe next year? JR
PS rather low cost entry $40 with a lot of give away stuff,transponder scoring(free just a deposit-refund).OH spent most of the day in the pits at a vintage race held at the REM track,which was dry?which is just across the parking area.Montessa VR ,couple Suzuki TM400's,CCM Great britan,500 Goldstar,normal Husky,CZ,stuff Yamaha 500 4 stroke just tons of neat old bikes from my early days of riding!

Enjoy Racing & Riding for Fun!
Be a Good Sportsmen (or women)!
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Awesome MX Family! I looked at the weather and sure didn't look like a typical so cal race...temps in the 40's with rain...sounds like a NW race instead.

I have been lucky enough to race the event 3 times...I am hoping to go back again someday when my funds will allow me. 16 hour drive each way is not cheap these days as we all know.

If any of you vet riders gets a chance, you NEED to race this event to appreciate what its like to race with so many great racers on one of the most incredibly demanding tracks on the planet.

Consider it a "bucket list" item....
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That race has been on my bucket list a long time, hopefully someday I can afford to go if not maybe next year I will just Charge it!!! On the Credit Card!!!
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Hey...You forgot to mention GARY CHASE. He won the over 60's. He is from Arlington. One of our boys? Well not a "boy" I guess. Congrats GARY!
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Gary Chase was not there on Sat(the only day for me) Very nice to see Gary win this event!!
Hughes was also missing on Sat.
Again VERY NEAT,GREAT RACE to go too,just me being a wimp with the conditions. IF any of you get to go JUST DO IT!!! JR

Enjoy Racing & Riding for Fun!
Be a Good Sportsmen (or women)!
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A wonderful report! Thank you "MX Family" for transporting me from Over-Worked and Rain-Sodden-NW to MX Heaven. A-Bit-Oe-Throttle-Twist and even (maybe) I could make that double.

Loved the "See Jody from MXA.." thing. He-Me go way back. He writes I read (grins).
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